Retractable Awnings

Nepean Awnings range of retractable patio covers includes Folding Arm Awning, Pleated Patio Shade, Fabric Tension System and Patio Minuette.

FOLDING ARM Folding arm awnings don't have a permanent frame so when they retract the patio area or windows the shade remains untouched with the awning retracting under the cover of an eave or a Colorbondweatherbox or into an extruded aluminium cassette to completely protect retracted arms, fabrics and fittings. Without a frame these blinds cannot tolerate strong wind gusts so should be retracted in these conditions. They offer light rain protection also but not heavy rain as the weight of water falling on the fabric quickly creates a dam with a large pool of water unable to get over the bottom rail which acts like a dam wall. These are a terrific patio cover which can be motorised with wind and sun sensors or manually operated with a detachable crank handle.

PLEATED PATIO SHADE If you have a pergola the pleated patio shade is an economical shade with trcks that fasten to the underside of the pergola rafters. The concept is like a roman blind that retracts in folds and is drawn in and out by cords. Using pulleys and tracks under the existing pergola beams the pleated patio shade draws out horizontally.

FABRIC TENSION SYSTEM The fabric tension system comprises a cassette for the motorised roller, two tracks with driving belts inside them on each side of the awning and a bottom rail with spring tensioning inside it. This type of awning is motorised and usually utilised over glass roofs or in between steel outriggers and as the name suggests the fabric is kept in tension when extended. This is done as these awnings can drive the fabric uphill on glass apex shape skylights and up and over barrel vault skylights. Acrylic canvas can be used for 100% shade or perforated vinyl to offer 92 % shade. Bright architectural colours are avaible as well as subdued tones for residential applications.

PATIO MINUETTE For exposed areas Patio Minuette is a permanent frame with a rectable mesh or acrylic canvas cover over the top which can be fully retracted. The frame is set on a 15 degree angle to unwind and travel the frame by its own weight. Bars a 1 metre spaces allow for fabric support when windy and raining and has locking pins that insert into the uprights for the cloth to be back wound against to make it taut. Frame colours are white and silver or can be powdercoated any Colorbond colour. The fabrics to choose from for this awning include striped and plain coloured meshs and canvases. Acrylic with a urethane coating underneath will ensure no rain through saturated fabric keeping your patio area a dry area. Mesh fabrics are a great way to provide soothing shade and some reief from glare and still maintain a view of the kids, the garden, the pool, or the Bay.

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