External Blinds

Discover the expertise and range of Nepean Awnings external blinds for wind, rain and sun protection protecting carpets and furnishings, your skin and reducing heating and cooling costs. There are different types of external blinds with different fabrics by Nepean Awnings to suit your needs.

ROPE AND PULLEY Also known as the butchers blind this simple type of blind typically used on verandahs has a timber headboard in a pocket of the fabric for ropes and pulleys to be attached. With a roller tube in a pocket of the fabric at the bottom of the blind, this blind rolls upwards from the bottom when drawing on the pull cords and then simply tie the cords off to a tie off cleat. Zipped cafe blinds are usually rope and pulleyed with aluminium ropetrack heads instead of timber.

SPRING ROLLER This blind is spring loaded and is simply pulled down by hand and attaches to posts, handrails or pathways by straps or dog clips. These are a very economically priced external blind featuring choice of weatherbox or roller brackets, mesh, clear PVC or canvas fabric, and various attachments including webbing straps with camlocks and or spring loaded dog clips and snap hooks. As an option the spring motor can be exchanged for a gearbox for crank operated control.

AUTO LOCK ARM Nepean Awnings Auto (automatic locking arm assembly) is the term used for the type of sun-blinds you see on windows that have guide rods on either side of the window opening and short arms. These arms are usually 150mm, or 300mm but there are other sizes available. Upgrades to these blinds are heavy duty bottom rails, alloy pull rings, alloy bottom rail end caps, yellow zinc or stainless steel guides and arms, and special powdercoatedweatherboxes. These require a pull stick to pull down and retract. This blind is unmanageble when windows are high off the ground.

FIXED GUIDE For high windows a Nepean Awnings Fixed Guide sun-blind is the most economical. The fixed guide has guide rods attached to the weatherbox or roller brackets and angled out from the window sill with L brackets usually 150mm or 300mm. The canvas skin is attached to the bottom rail with sleeves at either end that travel the fixed guides. A rope is attached to the bottom rail to pull the blind down and released for the blind to retract. Ropes can be drawn internally or externally. Motorising is an option with choice of remote conrol or hard wired wall switch and weather sensor options.

DROP ARM Nepean Awnings Drop Arm/Pivot Arm is the next alternative. The length of the arms are half the height of the window or opening and they pivot from the middle of the opening height. These can be operated inside by pulling a thin tape wich retracts into a tape collector or by winding a crank handle and tape collects inside the winder box. These blinds are an alternative to the Auto and have a track option for doorways to convert the blind into a awning. This helps in access while still maintaing some shade to the opening. Other options include cassette style headbox, special powdercoat colouring and a heavy duty system for external winding operation only or motorisation and weather sensors.

WIRE GUIDE Nepean Awnings Straight Drop with wire guides are the modern external blind. Combined with the latest fashion colours in canvases or shade meshes they do not disturb the lines of modern architecture. These can be used for single and multistorey applications either manually operated or motorised.

TRAKS Nepean Awnings offers the choice of mesh, synthetic canvas or clear PVC to a track system. This system is based on the skin of the blind travelling within side tracks to prevent side gaps for wind, rain or light to pass. This sytem can be operated by spring roller, crank operated roller or motorised.

Folding Arm Awning Also known as a terrace awning Nepean Awnings folding arm awnings are among the finest European systems with pitch control adjument and choice of manual or motor operation. These awnings can be a large surface area so their location and usage needs to be considered. Sensors are available including traditional wind cup sensor, motion sensor and sun sensor.
Motorised blinds and awnings Nepean Awnings motorised blinds and awnings are high end quality products with choice of single hard wired switch or multiple channel remote controls to operate many blinds or awnings from the one remote. Using radio technology motors just one wind sensor can monitor many blinds or awnings.

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